Gulsha rosa damascena distillate

A unique elixir from nature, Gulsha rose water is the beauty secret used by women for centuries.

Product Made from Rosa Damascena: the intensely perfumed and many-petaled damask rose.

Rosa Damascena is the most favored rose for producing rose water. Used throughout history for its curative and beautifying attributes, rosa damascena blossoms under the specific climatic and geographical conditions of southern Turkey's Isparta region, only during the month of May.


Gulsha rose water is the ancient distillate you used to know…

Carefully selecting the best roses cultivated at high altitude plantations, gulsha rose water is sensitively produced from start to finish. Roses that are hand picked by locals at dawn, are then processed within six hours for the optimum extraction of their valuable essential oils. Using traditional techniques handed down through generations, gulsha rose water is produced by the delicate steam distillation of rosa damascena rose petals in pure copper alembics. A limited amount of bottles are produced every year.


A Multifunctional Product suitable for all skin types

Gulsha rose water is used to cleanse, tone, and nourish your skin as a perfect preparation for moisturizer application. Apply liberally onto a cotton pad. Wipe your face, neck, and décolleté area mornings, nights and as needed throughout the day. To enhance its refreshing effect, store in the refrigerator or a cool place. With the aromatherapic effect to the natural rosa Damascena scent, this precious water will become a mainstay product in your skincare regimen even after first use.

99,9% natural plant extract

Free of parabens, sulfates, artificial colorings and fragrances